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Rotaract Club of SPCE

Rotaract Club of SPCE Regency is a group of young philanthropists who work together for the upliftment of society. The Rotaract Club of SPCE was chartered on 17th August, 2019. It is Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bombay Mahakali Heights. Rotaract Club of SPCE comes under the Rotary International District 3141.

We, at the Rotaract Club of Sardar Patel College of Engineering (RCSPCE), focus on how to organize and take part in various projects and activities throughout the year. We Aim for Service to nature and work to serve the society and make it a better place to live. We believe in making a positive impact on society and the environment. Our club engages in hands-on service projects, social activities and professional development.


Our vision is to create a compassionate and resilient community through the tireless efforts of our club.Through our collective dedication, we envision a future where every member is committed to creating positive change, ultimately building a stronger, more cohesive society.


Our mission is to actively engage and empower our members to make a positive impact on the community through volunteerism, outreach, and collaborative initiatives that address local needs and promote social welfare.

Theme of the year - Colours of Compassion

Club Motto - Fellowship through Service - Spreading love and serving the community

Club shout - "RCSPCE with a Vision, One Team , One Mission!"

Rotaract Club of SPCE
Rotaract Club Activities 2023-24
Sr. No. Name of the Activity Report
1. Rotaract Installation Program Read Report
2. Ganesh Festival Orphanage Visit Read Report
3. International Coastal Cleanup Day
( Aksa beach cleanup )
Read Report
4. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
( Spandan performance )
Read Report
5. Halloween Movie Screening Read Report
6. Cloth Donation Drive Read Report
7. Versova Beach Clean-up Drive Read Report
8. Storytelling at Desire Foundation Read Report
Rotaract Club Activities 2022-23
Sr. No. Name of the Activity Report
1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park Cleanup Drive SECRETARIAT'S REPORT
Read Report
2. Versova Beach Cleanup Drive
3. Sanitary Napkin Donation Drive
4. PCOS Awareness Program
Core Committee 2023-24
Sr. No. Name Designation Email ID
1. Nachiket Narlawar President
2. Asmita Bharitkar Vice - President
3. Prasad Naik Secretary
4. Shivam Bhangale Joint Secretary
5. Vikas Kadam Treasurer
6. Aryan Shah Sergeant at Arms
7. Umesh Lahoti IPP
Board of Directors 2023-24
Sr. No. Name Designation Email ID
1. Bhakti Ghongate Director of Youth service
2. Divya Vijay Dhas Director of literacy
3. Mishti Singam Director of Community service
4. Kartik Kuralkar Director of fellowship
5. Datta Nangnure Director of Pollution
6. Minal Dandekar Director of Club administration
7. Ayushya Maurya Director of environment

Core Committee 2022-23
Sr. No. Name Designation Email ID
1. Umesh Lahoti President
2. Siddhi Sarak Vice - President
3. Eesh Dehdarai Secretary
4. Rajlakshmi Gaikwad Joint Secretary
5. Ajay Ganeshrao Awatade Treasurer
6. Janhavi Gite Sergeant at Arms
7. Manali Sonkusale Head of Coordinators
8. Aryan Shah SY coordinator
9. Asmita Bharitkar SY coordinator
10. Divya Dhas FY Coordinator
11. Dhanshree Chavan FY Coordinator
12. Ayushya Maurya FY Coordinator
13. Yadav Gaurav Rakesh FY Coordinator
Board of Directors 2022-23
Sr. No. Name Designation Email ID
1. Nachiket Narlawar Director of Youth service
2. Arya Warty Director of literacy
3. Vedanti Wadhai Director of Community service
4. Manjyotsingh Oberoi Director of fellowship
5. Jivan Bayaskar Director of Pollution
6. Samiksha Mali Director of Club administration
7. Prasad Naik Director of Environment
Contact Us
Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Shyamlee Solanki
Faculty Incharge
Number: 9820660709
Student Coordinators
Mr. Nachiket Narlawar
Phone no. : +91 9158926826
Email :
Ms. Asmita Bharitkar
Vice President
Phone no. : + 91 7498728350
Email :
Mr. Umesh Lahoti
Phone no. : + 91 9503937228
Email :
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