This website is developed by Narpat H. Suthar, Third Year Electrical Engineering student of SPCE under the guidance of Dr. Rahul Dahatonde, Chairman IT Infra. Committee.  Narpat was assisted by his colleagues Uddhav Surve and Amit Makode for designing art work of this website.

Narpat is a member of Sardar Patel Automation and Robotics Klub (SPARK) and was part of ROBOCON 2016 support team of the Institution.  He teaches 10th and 11th standard students in various coaching Institutes as a part time job.

Narpat likes Computer Programming, Mathematics and Electrical Machines. His skill-set includes,

  1.   Programming Languages: JAVA, Python, C++
  2.   Android Application Development
  3.   Data Analysis
  4.   Image Processing
  5.   Arduino Microcontroller Programming

He can be reached at:

Currently the website is maintained by IT Infrastructure Committee.

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