Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) was launched on 25 th December 2000 as a fully funded Centrally Sponsored Scheme to provide all weather road connectivity in rural areas of the country. The programme envisages connecting all habitations with a population of 500 persons and above in the plain areas and 250 persons and above in hill States, the tribal and the desert areas. According to latest figures made available by the State Governments under a survey to identify Core Network as part of the PMGSY programme, about 1.67 lakh Unconnected Habitations are eligible for coverage under the programme. This involves construction of about 3.71 lakh km. of roads for New Connectivity and 3.68 lakh km. under upgradation. NRRDA has identified in consultation with each State Government, reputed Technical Institutions, designated as State Technical Agencies (STAs) to provide out sourced technical support to the PIUs. The STAs would vet the District Rural Roads Plan, check the CUCPL and scrutinise the DPRs prepared under the Annual proposals. NRRDA may from time to time identify additional technically qualified agencies to provide these services to the State Governments and to perform such other functions as may be necessary in the interest of the Scheme. Civil Engineering Department is one of the State Technical Agency (STA) selected by NRRDA in Nov. 2013 for scrutinizing the Detailed Project Report (D.P.R.) of four Districts of Konkan Region viz. Thane, Raigad, Sidhudurga and Ratnagiri. During the year 2013-14, Department of Civil Engineering scrutinised about 75 number of DPR of road and bridge proposals and submitted to NRRDA New Delhi for further processes.

Total Road Length

Sr. No. District Length Cost in Lakh (Rs.)
1 Sindhudurg 86.60 km 5291.25
2 Thane 95.70 km 4940.53
3 Raigad 70.60 km 3251.83
4 Ratnagiri 93.11 km 5128.13

Bridge Project

Sr. No. District Length Cost in Lakh (Rs.)
1 Sindhudurg 120 .00 m 494.39
2 Thane 64.00 m 130.85
3 Raigad --- ---
4 Ratnagiri 193.00 m 451.37

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