Student Council

Students’ Council : 2021-22

“With great power comes great responsibility”

The academic year 2021-22 was full of a rollercoaster ride, filled with fun activities, fests, and transitioning from online to offline learning again. There’s nothing like the feeling of starting something new when it’s a chance you choose to pursue. On 29th August, 21 final elections took place and the Student Council was formed. We were privileged to be elected as the council members of this prestigious college. And so, a journey of a thousand miles began with a single step.

We assiduously revived our cultural and literary clubs i.e., the drama club (SPICE), the fashion club (SPARKLE), the sports club (SPIKE), the Rotaract Club, the dance club (SPLASH), Music Club (Spandan), Photography Club (Pixel Vision) and the Speakers’ Club and embolden them to be the jewel in the crown in this new era of google meets and social media. 3 new chapters Start-Up Cell (IIC), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Sustainability & Green Chapter (SPSGI), and 1 new Elite coders club were originated in our tenure to inculcate the importance of problem-solving skills, innovative thinking, and drive towards a sustainable living.

We started our journey by approaching our UG/PG students for their involvement and guidance to build a spirit of camaraderie between us. We began our endeavor of organizing events with “Garba raas” – our Navratri event, where students got all decked up in traditional attires and participated in a virtual dance competition. Followed by it was the celebration of Diwali. Students came forward with their exhilarating and astounding arts and essays. Multiple events followed this triumph like Sardar Patel Jayanti, Teachers Day, and faculty development programs. Our Ladies’ representatives worked for the welfare of women, starting the Girl’s Club, replenishing the sanitary dispensers, and conducting yoga workshops to promote increased energy and vitality.

Our literary event “SPCE – Annual Debate” was the next in line on 23rd – 24th October. With our first-ever international participation, we had brilliant minds in front of us. To impart the importance of physical fitness, our sports Secretaries organized “SPIRIT” our Sports Fest independently.

With the world returning to its new normal, we welcomed our beloved first-year students with an Induction Program and campus tour. The campus was filled with happiness and ray of sunshine on the occasions of Voters Day and Republic Day i.e., 25th Jan – 26th Jan respectively. SPCE Rotarians guided students on being responsible voters. After a span of 2 years, students witnessed the hoisting of our National Flag in the Institute along with poetry, band performance, and dance performances. All these events were conducted with maintaining the covid guidelines and proper social distancing.

Following this was “Prarambh '', our first-year students showcased their talents on 22nd February, 22 with enthusiastic support from our faculty and all SPCEians with celebrity judges and DJ night. With a “Better late than never” attitude in the month of March, we planned a ray of festivities. 5th and 6th of March, 22 marked the celebration of 3rd largest technical fest of Mumbai “SPECTRA”. With the theme “Enlightening Minds”, the fest was conducted in a hybrid mode with events like mock placement, roborace, hackathon, and many more. On 8th March - International Women’s Day with the motto “Break the bias”, a Treasure hunt was organised for female students and faculty members in the college premise with a breast cancer awareness campaign. Our extravagant Cultural Fest “SPACE” was conducted from 11th – 13th March. With the theme “Colours of Culture”, we celebrated our events with grand success with the added presence of celebrities, artists, performers and participants.

We welcomed our prestigious alumni back to their alma matter on 9th April, 22 to recall their memories and nostalgia and hence preserve the Institute–Alumni relations. To celebrate our Indian traditions, we conducted a Traditional week inclusive of Traditional day, Tie and Saree Day, and so on. The Annual Day felicitated the achievements of our meticulous faculty and exemplary students. Lastly, we bid our goodbyes to final-year students and wished them luck for their future endeavors.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Principal Dr. M.M. Murudi, our lovely and supportive Chairperson Dr. Shyamlee Solanki, Member Secretary Prof. Divya, Finance Secretary Dr. Jayram Gholave, the entire Student’s Welfare Committee, and teaching and non-teaching members for supporting us in this journey. Last but definitely not least, our entire team of council members without whom this ride would’ve been incomplete. We wish all the very best to the next Student Council and wish glory upon SPCE in the future years.

Members of Student’s Council 2024-25
Position Name Email ID Phone Number
General Secretary Riva Mayekar 7208330757
Technical Secretary Soham Jadhav 7350397679
Aarya Kulkarni 9653246915
Riya Ekare 7020916719
Cultural Secretary Ayush Rathod 8766517142
Simran Shetke 8275205340
Financial Secretary Mishti Singam 9423413780
Sachin Shah 8976052357
Magazine Secretary Dhanashree Chavan 9324993157
Digvijay Londhe 7039385026
Ladies Representative Shravani Kolekar 8956186650
Revati Vyas 8010576797
Sports Secretary Siddhatej Desai 9067556454
Ananya Ranade 9665971950
Om Jaiswal 9421534888
Creative Head Sushmita Korgaonkar 9967117845
Mitali More 9960173900
Literary Secretary Harshika Mhapsekar 8007228521
Aditya Nalavade 7900146195
Social Work Secretary Shreya Pattiwar 8669345046
Kaushal Suryawanshi 8625021527

Students Activities

Sr. No.
Stem Cell Donation Drive
Garba Raas
SPCE Annual Debate 2022
12/11/2022 & 13/11/2022
Men’s Day
F.Y. B.Tech. Induction Programme
14/11/2022 to 25/11/2022
Cyber Security Campaign
Book Donation Drive
07/01/2023 to 12/01/2023
Versova Beach Cleaning Drive
Sanjay Gandhi National Park Cleaning Drive
Republic Day 2023

Sports Activities

Sr. No.
Mumbai University Rugby Tournament
Mumbai University Boxing (W) Tournament
18/11/2022 & 19/11/2022
Mumbai University Volleyball Tournament
09/11/2022 & 10/11/2022
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