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31st January 2020 & 1st February 2020

Spectra The Fest is one of the largest technical fest in Maharashtra. SPECTRA The Fest, over the past years has gained massive reputation for its excellent performance and  participation from students all over Maharashtra. SPECTRA 2019was a great success for the college in which more than 30+ mega-events were organised over the course of  2 day event and having a footfall of more than 5,000 students.







Another thrilling real time all- terrain racing competition .Also get ready to put on your control over the almighty piston power's (ICRC).

Aqua Drifter

Set your rudders,gun your propellers and cut through choppy waves in this one of a kind Radio/Manual controlled boat race event. Make a simple RC/Manual sail boat and run it in a competition to outpace your competitor. Design and construct a remote controlled robot capable of running on water surface.

Lathe Wars

Using the knowledge and skills experience the journey from raw material to finished workpiece. Combining the knowledge,skills and experience working on lathe to make a workpiece with great finish ,minimum time, higher accuracy . Unleash your machining skills and let in the groves of screeching rhymes of turning facing tapering etc. The competition of producing a mechanical component given in drawing by using lathe machine.A work evaluation is done on basis of surface finish time and dimensional accuracy.

Catia Master

Its good to have knowledge and better to express with best medium. So spectra brings u catia-master . Communicate through the language known to every engineer. Complete the given drawing in given time. This competition is not for those who just simply know how to draw but for those who are best at it in terms of skills , planing and timing .

Monster Arena

Race against time. In this world of everlasting competition speed is supreme. Blasting through your way at awe inspiring pace indulge your robo cars in the exciting race Pass the hurdles and victory is yours. ONE WHO FALL ,LEAVES BEHIND .with perfect balance of speed and time complete the race. So, pack your bags and pump up car get ready to go.




The clash of beast machines and well planned strategies will determine the true winner in this combat of bots! Use your wits to prepare ferocious warriors and pit them against your rivals to either stand victorious or succumb to an inglorious defeat! It is time to feel the adrenaline rush while listening to the sweet sound of metals clanking and bots crushing each other in a deadly battle


It's time to robotics, it's time to test your robot analytics, so presenting you one of the greatest robotics event SPRC Doing the farming and raising the crops is the key task. "Complete the farming process and victory is yours". Showing gratitude towards our Annadaata(farmers) is our theme motive. Gear up your manual bot farmer ,guide your autobot tractor and be ready for farming in this extravaganza, because you are the ones who have to rock the arena and grab the amazing prizes.


It’s football time and no-one plays soccer better than the engineers, in their own sophisticated way. The knack of fusing technology with sports seems to be an inherent quality among us, and to celebrate this very spirit, we hail this event known as RoboSoccer .So All the soccer fans out there hold your breath, as we present to you soccer with an entirely new dimension!! So if you are up for the challenge get your manual soccer playing robots ready in order to compete on the big stage in one of the best robot football event "RoboSoccer"

Sumo Bots

Robots are currently in every field and the craze for sports never fades. Combining robots and sports we get Sumo Bots where robots are going to play traditional sports of Japan i.e. Sumo Wrestling. We Engineers wrestle our way to complete various goals and we absolutely love robots. So you have got a chance to showcase your wrestling skills with the help of your manual controlled robot in one of the best robot wrestling event Sumo Bots.


We engineers love brain teasers and challenging maze.If you think you’re already a pro at solving tricky maze, put your robots to test with these event and find out!There are several paths. If you go through one of them, you will explode. If you go through the other, you will survive. Your mission is to reach to your destination!!!Presenting you New Event in SPECTRA 2K20 "ROBOMAZE".


SPCETRA presents to you Meshmerize : Build an autobot which can follow white lines and keep track of directions while going through the maze. The bot has to analyze the path in the dry run and has to go through the maze from the starting point to the ending point in shortest path in actual run.




Apply your structural engineering skills and knowledge to build bridge from icecream sticks. Motto of this event is experiencing structural laws on model for technical enhancement of the participants

Town Planning

It is the planning and control of the construction and development of a town. In this town is to be planned according to the usability of the resources, wind flow direction and the other important factors. For winning the competition,town should be placed according so!

Geology Exhibition

It is a new idea ,it was never happened before. Experience the exquisite and unique collection of Rocks, Minerals and other geological extractions. Also check your knowledge about it by taking rapid quiz. It is a platform for you to exhibit your collection of stones.

Tech Quiz

Unlock your knowledge at the speed of thought. Opportunity to test your technical knowledge. So do participate, compete and conquer. Time to enhance and build your technical knowledge with a twist.

Tech & Ladder

Spin the wheel to challenge your technical skills. And get yourself into the fascinating snake and ladder full of technical twists. Every correct answer will take u closer to roll the dice. And your aim on dart board can win you the game.

Plan It

Presenting a fresh, new event that hasn't happened before!!! PLAN IT!! Using ur talents and planning principles, build an ideal and aesthetic plan. Play with pins and visualize your ideal interior. Stay ahead in time. So that u won't get tangled within.


Technical Paper Presentation

A platform for all those technocrats to present their research work in one of the highly competitive competitions of Spectra- Technical Paper Presentation! Participants prepare their paper based on the theme and are judged on the basis of the reports as well the presentation.


If you think you can convert your logic to code and crack programming problems then CoDebug welcomes you!

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