Speakers’ Club

The Speakers' Club has been responsible for giving Sardar Patel College of Engineering it's best orators and leaders over the past many years. This Club was formed with the vision to help students develop leadership, interpersonal and communication skills and to cultivate extremely skilled orators.

The Speakers' Club is set to cover a wide range of activities from helping the students on overcoming their fear of public speaking, helping them improve their vocational delivery, to how to participate in MUNs, build cases in debates along with ‘Dos and Don'ts of Group Discussions’. This shall empower the students to become more confident and skilled individuals.

Speakers Club Session on Model United Nations (MUNs)

SPCE AD 2018 Finals (Team SPCE Vs Team SPIT)

Android Application

Speakers’ Club launched its own Android app, developed by Sidharth Mahajan and Manav Kaul. Students could create their own account on the app and get access to various tools designed to help them improve their speech writing. It also gave them access to an e-library where they could find different types of eBooks ranging from textbooks, self-help books, grammar books, classic novels, autobiographies; books on AI, Marketing, Project Management, Designing etc. It also had a video bank of famous speeches which redefined the status quo as well as videos with tips on how to become a better orator, debater, MUNer etc. App allowed students to get personalized feedback about their performance during a session privately along with scores.


SPCE is the reigning champion of the VIT Debate and Fr. Agnel School of Law Debate. A delegation of SPCE also participated in TWMUN IIT Bombay, GLCMUN, COEP PD, VJMUN VJTI, BITS MUN, NMCMUN, IRMUN, UDAMUN and many more. Teams from SPCE Speakers Club broke through the CRMD National Debate quarters as well as GLC Parliamentary Debate novice finals in this academic year.

Team SPCE’s few more achievements are -

  • Winner, SPIT-Fire debate (2018)
  • Winner, Vivaad Debate (2018)
  • Winner, Spandan debate (2019) (XIE college)
  • Winner U'lectro debate (2019)
  • Winner, Vidyalankar institute of technology debate
  • Novice Finalist, GLC parliamentary debate
  • Runner-Up and Best Speaker U'lectro debate 2018
  • Best Speaker, Samvaad debate 2020 - Sourish Gawali

Apart from participation in various intercollegiate events throughout the nation, teams from Speakers' Club showed heavy participation in the college's own literary events like SPCE AD 2018, SPCE AD 2019, SPACE English Debate 2020 and so on.

Team SPCE (Sourish Gavali (left) & Anand Wataney (right)) at CRMD National Debate 2018

Team SPCE (Prateek Patil(left) & Manav Kaul (right)) at SPCE Annual Debate

SPCE Speakers' Club also conducted an intra college oxford style online debate during the Pandemic and got a very positive response from students of SPCE with heavy participation followed by a great online session conducted by the Club President Manav Kaul on How to Debate for beginners

Speakers' Club is all set for the next academic year as it pushes its agenda forward to be able to fund for the registrations for all students who wish to participate in oratory events from the coming academic year.

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