Sardar Patel College of Engineering
Students Achievements in VJTI Robotics Challenge 2019


Every year, the SPCE Robocon Team comes back with a newfound respect towards Robotics after an indescribable experience in the Robocon competition.

This year we took maximum efforts to build a robot that could achieve Appare(Successful task completion). The team put in its energy into making the robot based on calculations.

This time, we incorporated simulation using Ansys for designing structure and Eagle for circuits. Due to a mechanically demanding theme, we encouraged the production of parts using 3D printing, Laser cutting, CNC milling and waterjet machining for accuracy.


One of the aspects where we advanced was incorporating image processing and PID to automate the task. The whole team worked dedicatedly till the end, even during the days of the competition. Even if we could not make it to the top, we learned novel things and were exposed to various pressure dealing situations. At the competition, we interacted with, and learnt from different teams from various parts of the country and made new friends with similar interests.


Overall it was a good learning experience, and it would not have been possible without the support of Anupa Sabnis ma’am, throughout the year.

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