Newsletter 2016-17

Sardar Patel College of Engineering, named after Sardar Vallabhai Patel who was an honorary member of the Bhavan, and a dream of many, including Kulpati Dr. K.M. Munshi, was inaugurated in 1962.

The idea of an Engineering College in Mumbai was conceived in 1957. The foundation stone of the college was laid on 17th September 1961 by Shri Y.B. Chavan (the then chief minister of) who had taken a keen interest in the fulfilment of the project and 5 years later, on the 19th day of August, SPCE was inaugurated by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India.

Since then, the college has been innovating, inspiring and molding young minds into successful engineers.

SPCE aspires to be an institution of national repute that will create professionals with competence and motivate research for the progress of the nation. It aims to impart quality education and to enhance career opportunities for students through Industry Institute interaction and value added courses. It believes in promoting excellence by encouraging innovative ideas and lateral thinking, and to inculcate sense of discipline and responsibility towards society.

The college is affiliated to the University of Mumbai for full-time degree, part-time degree and Post-Graduate degree courses and is run under the management of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

SPCE is one of the few colleges that have received Grade A+ rating for its aided courses and an A Grade for the un-aided courses from the Govt. of Maharashtra.

The college has successfully implemented innovative ideas in the field of Technical Education. This is the first college (affiliated to Mumbai University) to start part-time degree and Post-Graduate courses.

The institute was awarded autonomous status by the UGC, the state government and the University of Mumbai in June 2010. It has received a grant of Rs. 10 Crores under MHRD’s TEQUIP. The grant is being utilised to procure equipment to strengthen existing, as well as setting up new laboratories, and also for assistantship for PG students.

SPCE has also been accredited twice by NBA and will soon have its third round of Accreditation for UG program. It has signed 20 MOUs with reputed Institutes and Industries like SVNIT, Surat, COE,Pune, SGGSIET, Nanded, L&T etc at Institute and Industry level.

The students of SPCE have maintained a proud tradition of excellent academic records by securing high ranks, gold medals and other awards in the University Examinations. They have also been involved in prestigious International Level competitions like such as BAJA and ROBOCON.

The students enthusiastically participate and win various technical competitions organised by several different colleges. They continue to show their academic brilliance in higher-level competitions, as over 20 students qualified for GATE last year itself. They have also excelled in competitions such as GRE and TOEFL, with students securing admission in prestigious colleges abroad.

Many of our past students are now leaders in their professions and today SPCE ALUMNI can be found in all public and private sector organisations operating in diverse fields, often holding senior and key positions in the organisation.

SPCE has always motivated its students and will continue to enhance their future, along with its progress towards a brighter future.

Celebration of 69th Anniversary of Independence Day in SPCE

This day marks the moment India woke to life and freedom, and stepped out from the old to the new. Since then, our nation has seen numerous ups and downs, but the passion and dedication towards our country, remains strong and unwavering in our hearts. The Independence Day, 2016 was celebrated in SPCE with much enthusiasm and reverence.

The Principal of SPCE, Dr. P. H. Sawant and Vice-Principal, Dr. M. M. Murudi hoisted the National Flag in the tranquil morning of the 15th, with the students and teachers in attendance. The Principal’s speech followed the flag hoisting, in which he stressed that engineers and technological innovations will drive the future.

Figure 1 Principal, Dr. P.H. Sawant addressing the college

To mark the day, students of SPCE presented Group and Solo songs, and a skit focusing on the importance of respecting one’s country. The Student Council of the college was introduced to the college, where the General Secretary, Soumil Newalkar, addressed the audience on behalf of the students. A vote of thanks, given by Aarti Srivastava, marked the end of an eventful day of celebration and reminiscing, which comes with Independence day.

Figure 2 Students of SPCE performing during Independence Day


Named after Sardar Vallabhai Patel who was an honorary member of the Bhavan, and a dream of many, including Kulpati Dr. K.M. Munshi. Sardar Patel College of Engineering was inaugurated in 1962.

The idea of an Engineering College in Mumbai was conceived in 1957, and 5 years later, on the 19th day of August, SPCE was inaugurated by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India.

Since then, the college has been innovating, inspiring and molding young minds into successful engineers.

The 54th Anniversary of the Foundation Day of the college, 19th August 2016, was celebrated with very much enthusiasm. This day marks a special occasion for everyone associated with the college. An Alumni meet was also organised on this day, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia.

Figure 3 Founder's Day Celebrated in SPCE

The guests that were invited were the alumni and former teachers of SPCE going far back as the batch of 1975. The main focus of the program was to give a platform for faculty of college and alumni interaction.

Figure 4 Principal, Dr. P.H. Sawant lighting the lamp

The program started at 6:30, when the guests were shown around the college campus by the concerned departments and the progress so far. It stirred up hints of nostalgia in the hearts of many. The students listened intently to them reminiscing about their days in the college.

Figure 5 Former teacher of SPCE

It was followed by discussion and interaction between the alumni and the Principal and teachers. Many alumni showed concern and willingness to contribute for the development of the institute by giving their valuable time for guest lecture, Industry visits, UG/PG project work guides/examiners, etc.

Dr. Shyamlee Solanki compered the main event, wherein the principal, Dr. P.H. Sawant explained the status of the institute with respect to Autonomy and TEQUIP. Vice Principal, Dr. M.M. Murudi, presented the report of the institute.

Distinguished alumni and retired faculty and staff members were also felicitated in the event.

The program ended with the vote of thanks given by Dr.Shyamlee Solanki and it was followed by a hearty dinner where the alumni mingled and shared their experiences with each other.


Every year, SPCE welcomes the newcomers of the college, the First Year students, with much enthusiasm and encouragement. Prarambh, an event that signifies a new beginning for the students, was celebrated this year on 2nd September, at the SPCE Quadrangle.


It aims to encourage cultural and team activities in the students, while also giving them a platform to showcase their talent and bag the title of Mr. Fresher and Miss. Fresher. /p>

The judge for the evening was Mr. Yash Trivedi, Leader, Founder and Choreographer of the Must Ache Family (M.A.F) Dance Crew, currently in the Top 30 Street Dance Crews in India. Winner of several intercollegiate dance competition, he was also the choreographer of the winning dance of the Street Dance Competition at Umang, 2016, K.C. College Dance Team. He has choreographed 7 flashmobs in Mumbai, and is the only one to do so.

Prarambh started at 6:30 in the evening, with a welcoming dance performed by the senior students at SPCE. The applicants for Miss and Mister Fresher from all three branches of the college were presented and answered a round of questions, asked by the hosts, Shoaib Manhas, Divya Patil, Anurag, and Anvita Thakur. It was followed by their individual performances, like a song or a dance, on the basis of which they were judged for Mister and Miss Fresher.

The separate group dances prepared by the First Year students of all the branches was performed next, the themes for which were based on social issues and responsibilities

Figure 7 Group Dance in Prarambh

After a successful evening, the results were declared, with Miss Rashi Sharma being the Miss Fresher and Manish Sainani as Mister Fresher. The winning dance of the night, prepared by the Mechanical Engineering students of SPCE, had the theme Indian Soldiers.

With the announcement of results, the evening came to a successful end.

Research grant received by Dr. Kiran Bhole

Sardar Patel College of Engineering achieved a new success as Assistant Professor, Dr. Kiran Suresh Bhole successfully received a grant of Rs. 20 Lakhs from Science and Engineering Research Board of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Dr. Bhole is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, with a teachingexperience of 17 years. His areas of research are Micro-fabrication, Additive Manufacturing, MEMS and Flexural Systems.

His current research project is ‘Design and Development of Three Axis Flexural Stages for Micro-Milling Workstation’ which aims in an indigenous design and development of low cost, high-resolution three axes flexural based micro-milling workstation.

SPCE Annual Inter-collegiate Debate 2016

4th SPCE Annual Inter-collegiate Debate was organized on 6th and 7th of October 2016.

The debate was held with the belief that it will provide a platform for young minds to delve into current issues, and express their opinions, in an organized and structured manner. It will also help remove old doubts and pave way for new ideas.

Keeping this in mind, the theme for this year was - ‘Lines in Sand’.’ It is synonymous with new ideas and thoughts that come with the waves of change to wash away age-old perceptions. In this era of uncertainty, the only thing certain is change.

6th October marked the day of Inauguration of the event. The Chief Guest principal Dr. P.H. Sawant, and the Chairperson of the Student Welfare Committee, Dr. Shyamlee Solanki along with the panel of judges, lit the lamp for the ceremony.

The panel of judges for the Debate consisted of dignitaries from all over Mumbai, who excelled in various fields, like communication skills and technologies.

16 teams from various colleges participated in the event.

With completion of the elimination rounds on 6th October,  the second day, 7th October, promised a deserving a winner for the competition.

After two rounds of scintillating performance, the final two teams were of Diptanshu Sharma and Akhil Sardesai from SPIT College and Anand Wataney and Shoaib Malik from SPCE College.

The final topic – ‘Should the power of today be used to correct the wrongs of yesterday’ – invited several different ideas from both the teams. The winner of the final round was the team that stood ‘For’ the topic, Diptanshu Sharma and Akhil Sardesai from SPIT College.

The winner of the competition was awarded Rs.15,000, and the Runner Up was awarded Rs. 10,000.

Diptanshu Sharma of SPIT College bagged the award for the ‘Best Speaker’ with a Cash Prize of Rs. 5,000.

Figure 9 Diptanshu Sharma of SPIT won the Best Speaker Award

Figure 10 Team of Diptanshu Sharma and Akhil Sardesai from SPIT won the Debate

Report for Industrial Visit to IDEMI

On 5th October 2016, 80 students of Third Year Mechanical Engineering from Sardar Patel College of Engineering conducted an industrial visit at Institute for Design of Electrical Measuring Instruments (IDEMI), located at Chunabhatti, Mumbai. This visit was organised by Prof. Megha Janbandhu who works as a teaching faculty at SPCE.

IDEMI is an Organization established by the Government of India in the year 1969 as a service to Instrument Industry Organisation. The main objective of setting up this Institute was to gear up the growth potential of indigenous instrument industry and hence to meet the ever growing instrumentation needs of the country by augmenting productivity quality control in industrial sector – be it in Electrical, Electronics or Process Control Instruments. They also offer high end technical education for Engineering students and industry professionals.

The industrial visit was commenced with an introductory presentation given to the students. It introduced the students to the manufacturing facilities available in IDEMI workshop and also informed them about various technical courses provided by them. After the presentation, the students were bifurcated into two batches and were sent to explore different sections of the industry, namely - the main building and the tool room.

In the main building, students were shown the electro-pneumatic systems, embedded systems and PLCs available at IDEMI. Also, they were introduced to the field of animation by the HOD of the Animation department who described to them traditional ways of making animations, how they have changed over time and what techniques are employed nowadays in making movies.

After this, the students proceeded to the tool room, which served as the shop floor of IDEMI. The ground floor section comprised of conventional lathe, milling and grinding machines. There were also CNC lathe and 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling machines, radial drilling machines, etc. Further, there were simple and wire Electro-Discharge Machining units. These machines are utilized to manufacture components required by ISRO, TIFR and BARC organizations. Finally, the students were taken to the design department, where models of injection molding processes were shown to them.

REPORT – Industrial Visit to Reliance Thermal Power Plant - Dahanu

DATE – 24th October 2016

ATTENDANCE – T.Y.B.Tech Electrical, SPCE

A one-day event of an Industrial Visit to Reliance Thermal Power Plant was organised by the EESA committee of SPCE, under the guidance of Prof. Swati Lawand.

The main objective of the visit was to acquaint the Third year students with the process of Generation and Distribution of Electrical energy from a Thermal Power Plant.

Several Field Engineers, who helped them explore the station, guided the students through the Plant.

This visit helped the student understand the basic concepts of Power System thoroughly and visualise the practical application of what is taught in the college.

SPACE – Annual Cultural Festival of SPCE

The students of Sardar Patel College of Engineering welcomed SPACE, the Annual Cultural Festival of the college, with gusto.

Scheduled on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March, SPACE promised events like Visual Impact, Fashion Show, War of Branches, Swaranjali, DJ-night, Drama competition and more.

SPACE hosted SPCE’s first Model United Nations- where different teams assume delegates to United Nations and simulate the committees.

SPCE had hosted a workshop on Zumba – Latin American Dance Style, and a workshop on Self-Defence as a pre-SPACE event.

The event welcomed Ms. Kavita Seth, a celebrated playback singer, as a judge for the event Swaranjali, a competition between melodies.

Padma Shri Ujjwal Nikam, Advocate, graced the event, Vyakhanmala to encourage the students.

IAS Tukaram Mundhe and Colonel Shailesh Raikar also enocourages the students through the event, Vyakhanmala.

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