1. What is entrepreneurship-cell?
  2. Entrepreneurship cell is a non-profit student's organization dedicated to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students throughout India. The basic aim of E-Cell is to encourage college-level students today to start their own enterprise. Hundreds of rural as well as urban colleges have established e-cells. Moreover over 70,000 students participate in organizing e-cell activities in India. Some noteworthy examples are – IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, Bits Pillani, VJTI, SPIT, etc.
  1. Why e-cell in SPCE?
  • Movements like MAKE IN INDIA and START-UP INDIA encourages technical as well as non-technical start-ups to come up in India so that more employment is created and India becomes self-sufficient. Entrepreneurship friendly environment is being created in India by easing various norms for doing business both in rural as well as urban areas.
  • Various organizations like NEN (NATIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP NETWORK) and SINE (SOCIETY OF INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP) facilitate aspiring entrepreneurs by giving them guidelines. NEN connects with e-cell from various colleges to spread entrepreneurship spirit and enlighten students about entrepreneurship.
  • We believe that SPCE has quality students with novel ideas for technical as well as non-technical start-ups. Unfortunately we have no e-cell to nurture and foster them. We have a business friendly environment along with various supporting organizations. It would be wasteful if we don’t take advantage of this opportunity and establish an e-cell in SPCE.
  • NEN is ready to tie-up with our college. We are also in the process of registering with them and receiving the guidelines for various activities to conduct.
  • Our survey report conducted on the students of SPCE clearly shows that more than 90% students want an e-cell in SPCE. Around 50 % students even have a business idea.
  • An e-cell will help us in creating leaders of the future and contribute to our country effectively.
  1. Vision-
  2. E-cell SPCE , a non-profit organization , aims to bring together the entrepreneurial passions to converge on a common platform. Our aim is to bring  forth the entrepreneur dwelling within so many of us.
    To accomplish the goal of serving as an efficacious platform for networking and interaction, E-Cell SPCE will  be organising a host of events. The prime events  include  the B-Plan competition, leadership lectures, ,Case study workshops, innovative games and competitions through which it will allow interaction between college students  ,corporations, working professionals from all across Mumbai . It will bring together aspiring entrepreneurs and support them by providing necessary resources such as seed funding, mentoring, consultancy and networking. It will invite various eminent entrepreneurs to deliver lectures to educate students about the joys and hardships of entrepreneurship.
    E Cell SPCE will bring  to you a series of events and hopes to receive a delectable response.
  1. Goals-
  •  For the first 1 years establishing start-up culture in SPCE and carrying out various events.
  • For the next 3 years hopefully we can have a few credible ideas of start-ups along with a proper plan coming up. We can organize funding sessions for these ideas.
  1. How e-cell is beneficial to SPCE and its students?
  • Students get better idea of how business is conducted in real life. They get an exposure to live problems and how to go about solving them. E-cell not only helps students who want to be entrepreneurs but also other students as life lessons of the real world are taught through e-cell.
  • Unplaced final year students can reap the benefits as well. These students can acquire various skills along with proper understanding of entrepreneurship and can start something of their own.
  • Various technical inventions and research business ideas could be funded once e-cell starts running in full fledge. This would be a major boost for SPCE as it would enhance its reputation.
  • Live examples in the form of entrepreneur speakers will inspire students to fulfill their dream.
  • This will help SPCE to become an organization where free flow of ideas takes place along with academic excellence. SPCE will truly become a symbol of freedom and excellence. SPCE can also become the alma mater of various entrepreneurs.
  • By participating in E-week (a week which is declared as an e-week in all over India and students from various colleges participate in it), our students with their innovative ideas can win awards and increase the reputation of our college.
  • Students of SPCE can make use of platform provided by TATA and NEN – “TATA first dot” which could help them get funds for their start-ups and a lot of experience of real world and increase the number of start-ups emerging from SPCE thus increasing its reputation.
  1. Events –
  • Speaker Events: Other than entrepreneurship talks, a wide variety of conferences, seminars, panel discussions, workshops and mentoring programs will be conducted.
  • Non Speaker Events: An array of entrepreneurship events are held on campuses. Thanks to the limitless imagination and creativity of the young minds; the events span an endless list – role plays, product launches, marketing campaigns, skits, games, exercises, competitions, documentary film making, movie screening and lots more.
  • Outreach and public events -Exhibitions, fairs, bazaars, human chains, signature campaigns, media campaigns and more such large events that reach out to the public would be conducted.
  • Innovation and project driven events – Funding rounds for new and deserving innovations by venture capitalists and other awarding organization.
  • Launching student ventures and campus companies - Deserving student ventures will be funded by angel investors and at a later stage a start-up company may even be launched in the college.
  • Faculty Advisor-

    Dr. P.G. Gaikawad

    Civil Department

    Dr. Kiran Bhole

    Mechanical Department

    Prof. Anupa Sabnis

    Electrical Department

  1. Committee Structure
  1. YEAR 2016-2017 COMMITTEE :-






















Roles Assigned:

  1. Faculty advisor:
  • Guiding the E-Cell Committee
  • Authorize all the activities/events
  • Ensure proper documentation of any event
  • Proper maintenance of accounts and also helping in managing the cash flow in the events
  • Ensure presence of other faculty members during events.
  1. Chair Person:
  • Coordinate with all the departments
  • Give the final decision by consulting the faculty advisor
  • Holds the entire responsibility of any event which occurs under E-Cell
  • Manages everything efficiently
  • Motivate and inspire his/her team to work more efficiently
  • Maintains transparency in accounts along with finance head and faculty advisor
  1. Finance Head:
  • Ensure proper cash flow In all the events
  • Maintaining transparency in accounts with committee and faculty advisor
  • Maintain proper financial account of SPCE E-Cell
  1. Marketing Team:
  • Getting sponsor for various events
  • Getting speakers through various contacts
  • Ensure proper in flow of cash for various events planned
  1. Logistics Team:
  • Ensure proper arrangements of the activities / events to be conducted by E-Cell
  • Getting permissions for the arrangements to be made
  1. Publicity Team:
  • Ensure proper publicity in SPCE and various other colleges
  • Attracting maximum people for any activity / event conducted by E-cell
  1. Events Team:
  • Organize and manage all the activities / events in coordination with other department and faculty advisor
  • Getting new ideas and implementing them .
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