Brief introduction to plan:

  • SPECTRA the fest 2017 theme-
  • Several events comprising of technical challenges, from a Wrestling robot, to Car Racing, Technical Paper Presentation and many more.

Details of the Events:

MEGA Events
1. Contraption
4. RoboWars

Challenges: 1. Aquadrifter 2. CAD Challenge 3. Bridgeit 4. Circuit making 5. House of Cards 6. Logitech 7. Monster Arena 8. Paper skyscraper 9. Rope Climber 10. Robosoccer 11. Sumobots 12. Technical Paper Presentation 13. Techmaze 14. TechQuiz 15. Auto Expo 16. Project Exhibition

“Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination”

SPECTRA, the technical festival of Sardar Patel College of Engineering, being in its 4th year, made its name and fame more clear! Within the shadow of the successful SPECTRA’16, we embarked in our journey with a collective aim of reaching another milestone – A Successful SPECTRA’17!

It all began with forming the Core Committee in the month of August. A Team is nothing but different people with the same Aim. Best people from different departments were handpicked through an interview selection process, and once all soldiers were set, we paved our way towards making a strategy for WAR OF IMAGINATION. Setting the budget, chalking out the marketing strategies along with managing finances was no less than a Jig-saw puzzle, but our collective team work was the backbone with made all these pieces set in order.

The Creative team soon started their work and managed to impress everyone with their poster design. Stage was all set for PRing to begin. A plan was made, ambitious volunteers were instructed, and soon began the first phase. The team managed to cover most of the prime colleges in Mumbai & suburbs and was glad by the amazing response of participants. The preparations, however, were brought to a halt due to ongoing examinations, but the pace it gained afterwards created a huge difference.

The second phase started in the month of December. The Marketing and Finances team took serious efforts into their responsibilities, as the Décor team pondered on ideas, with each idea turning into a masterpiece! The website was soon fully functional. The amount of creativity, attention given to details & efforts taken to rectify every mistake was something which redefined perfection. Final stage of PRing covered almost all colleges of Mumbai, Online publicity through social media and even through Print media ensured a whopping footfall. All final preparations were taken care of, and finally we were all set for D- Day!

On 27 January 2017, Sardar Patel College of Engineering was turned into a paradise for technocrats. The décor created a mesmerizing aura, everyone who entered was overwhelmed by the atmosphere, which was no less than a holy land of technology. The festival was inaugurated by Mr.Alokraj Ambadipudi, General Managerof Urban Clap, who inspired as well as appreciated the students. Soon, gates were all open to the WAR OF IMAGINATION!

The festival witnessed various events, right from Robowars to Technical Paper Presentation. Auto Expo, which was organised for the first time, showcased more than 26 Superbikes over a span of two days. ICRC, which saw a battle of RC vehicles with engine, managed to rev everyone’s heart to its tunes. The star of the show was CONTRAPTION, which was made with a theme of – AROUND THE WORLD. It witnessed thunderous applauds with every successful mechanism. The Roar of robots fighting in the cage was not less than a tiger fight, with the audience holding their breath as each piece of metal flew by in the nerve-stealing fight.

Every event was meticulously planned and went off smooth without any hassles. No doubt, efforts of the organisers and coordinators was the recipe for success. But this didn’t end there, the bright aura casted a shadow upon young minds towards technology, science and innovation with everyone taking back more than what they had from the three day fest.

There were times when everything looked hazy, there were doubts in mind, but what helped me sail through the storm was my team backing me. For me, the meaning of FEAR was to Face Everything and Rise! The Fest taught us a lot of things beyond the four walls of a classroom. It would never have been a success without the help of Principal, Dr P.H. Sawant, Vice Principal, Dr. M.M. Murudi, Faculty members, our sponsors, the TEAM SPECTRA and my fellow mates. Although the fest came to and end, what live forever within us are the experiences, blessings and the SPECTRA spirit, which would keep getting stronger for years to come.

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